GCash Forest: a way to help with Ipo Watershed reforestation efforts

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We've been getting a lot of questions about the GCash app lately because we mentioned it a few times in our recent posts on social media. We only started using the app a lot these past few months, but it's definitely become part of our low-impact day to day. We pay our bills with it, we make bank transfers through it, we pay our suppliers using the app, too. It's pretty rad.
My partner Rocco and I have always subscribed to paperless billing (for credit cards, bank statements, insurance, utilities, etc.), so we've been getting our billing statements through email instead of snail mail for quite some time now. Up until recently, we were paying for our bills through a variety of mobile banking applications. Now though, all we use is GCash.

Why use GCash?

How is GCash any different from just using your bank's mobile app?

For one thing, you can send money to any phone number that's registered with GCash. You can't really do that with other payment platforms.

Another thing I love about the app is that it's so agnostic you can send money to a bunch of different banks— not just to accounts from the same bank you have an account with. (e.g. BPI, BDO, Security Bank, PNB, Unionbank, etc.)

Aaaaand, most importantly, we switched because of the new app feature they rolled out: GForest.

What is GForest?

It's a feature that lets you plant virtual trees within the GCash app. Every tree you grow within the app actually gets planted in real life at the Ipo Watershed. You make your virtual tree grow within the app by giving it green energy points that you earn on the app by buying prepaid load, doing paperless billing, doing paperless bank transfers, walking, etc. So, we aren't just cutting down on paper consumption by going paperless and making transactions via the app— we're actually helping with reforestation efforts too!

The cool thing about this reforestation project is that the project plants NATIVE TREES. My partner and I stay away from reforestation initiatives that don't use native trees because they usually do the environment more harm than good. Through GForest, you get to plant Yakal trees and you actually get certificates for the trees you plant.

I also love how the app incentivizes low carbon emissions activities, like walking, versus driving and taking public transportation. When you connect GCash with a fitness app (we just use Google Fit), you get rewarded on GForest for your walks.

How to connect GCash with your fitness app:

  1. Go to the tutorial page on the GForest Feature.
  2. Click the yellow link next to the shoe icon.
  3. Allow access.
  4. If the yellow link isn't visible next to the shoe icon, you've already successfully linked GCash with your fitness app.
gcash-instructions gcash-permissions-screenshot gcash-tutorial-screenshot

Rocco and I walk a lot. Sometimes, we even walk from Makati to BGC cos slogging through traffic in a private vehicle is nuts, and let's face it, finding parking is next to impossible anyway. *sigh*

I would much rather pay for my bills and make transfers via a platform that lets me do more than just pay my bills and make transfers. Like, I dunno— PLANT TREES! Wouldn't you? I mean, we all need to plant as many trees as we can, wherever, whenever, and however we can, right? GForest is one of the many ways to do just that.
Already got GForest? Add us!
Just open the GCash app, login, and click these links:
Don't have GCash? Get it here: https://gcsh.app/r/vaIRqgo
We are still updating this article with screenshots and usage tips. Please check back for updates later in the week!

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